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2 hours: Intro (theory lessons, safety and kite flying)
2 hours: bodydrag (power kite control)
2 hours: water start (stand on the board for the first time)


2 hours: theory lessons, safety and kite flying
2 hours: bodydrag (power kite control)
2 hours: water start on the board
2 hours: start kiting both sides
2 hours: kite and body position correction, recover the board and transitions


Advance lessons (2 hours)
These lessons are for advanced kiters who wish to increase their skills level, learning quickly how to do manoeuvres, tricks or to upgrade their styles.


Basic theoretical knowledge, wind direction and strength
test, kite schematics

Level 1:
Basics,safety, Getting Ready, Start Flying, Take Off

Level 2:
Bodydrag, bodydrag upwind, Relaunch, board retrieval

Level 3:
Waterstart, board retrieval, Going Downwind

Level 4:
Going Downwind, Changing direction, Keeping Position to Wind (90 degrees or less)

Level 5:
Going Upwind, maintaining speed

Level 6:
Basic Jumps, Transition Jumps, kite control/overflying

Level 7:
Rotations and Kiteloops, Grabs, One Foot, Board Off or Railey


Level 8:

Unhooking, handle pass ,riding blind, bindings, ramps/kickers

Level 9:

wave riding, wave knowledge and rules, directional

 Level 10:

strapless surfboard, wakeskate, skiis

TKO Certificate

 A TKO kiteboarding certificate is available upon completion of any of our courses, this is to certify you have successfully completed the course under instructor supervision.


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